I’m a collector….Though sometimes…

Seem I collect more then just dolls and books…Every since I was a kid I LOVED the idea of a collection of all sorts of special stuff. So like any other kid…


I started collecting rocks (how many of us have done this as kids? XD) and because it drove my mom nuts, whenever we went to the park I’d fall in step behind her and stealthily sneak a rock I had found into her purse. This went on from age four to six when I accidentally got knocked over by the purse that had now gained a few literal pounds…So when I was sitting in the back of a shopping cart I plopped her purse into the fruit scale.


It weighed almost three pounds. My mom was shocked, I was laughing as were passerby’s. When we got home she dug through her purse and low and behold…


There were thirteen pounds worth of rocks. JUST rocks at the bottom of her purse. So no more collecting rocks…

I collected VHS tapes (all sorts since we had a VCR we had over fifty of the damn things) and every time a new VHS of a movie I liked came out I wanted to try to display it somehow.

And then I wanted to collect Crystals…And I still have a lot…


And finally dolls…And props for dolls…And books….Lots of books…Lists of books, psychical books, E-books…So yeah…owe; I’m a collector.



Welcome to my blog, the place where I will be posting book reviews, lists, projects, hopes, dreams, story previews (sorry no stories getting posted over here) and photography and tutorials if I can manage to be patient enough to take people step by step through stuff.


I am a writer of eighteen years of age and I have varying interests from Disney and Pixar films, to horror novels, to collecting dolls.


Some rules:


1. Trolls will be nuked.

2. Be yourself but be nice too.. No one likes a grump and I won’t have it on my blog.

3. Elitest comments (“Not a real BJD unless it’s strung and resin DERP”) will be nuked like trolls.

4. This is a place for me to get my issues out and annoyances out as well. Some blog posts won’t be so warm and fuzzy as others.

5. Respect me and respect yourself.