Welcome to my blog, the place where I will be posting book reviews, lists, projects, hopes, dreams, story previews (sorry no stories getting posted over here) and photography and tutorials if I can manage to be patient enough to take people step by step through stuff.


I am a writer of eighteen years of age and I have varying interests from Disney and Pixar films, to horror novels, to collecting dolls.


Some rules:


1. Trolls will be nuked.

2. Be yourself but be nice too.. No one likes a grump and I won’t have it on my blog.

3. Elitest comments (“Not a real BJD unless it’s strung and resin DERP”) will be nuked like trolls.

4. This is a place for me to get my issues out and annoyances out as well. Some blog posts won’t be so warm and fuzzy as others.

5. Respect me and respect yourself.


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